Friday, November 26, 2010


My partner and I treat ourselves to a night out every week to enjoy a kid-free meal. Enjoy is the key word. Last week's overpriced and mediocre meal at L'Assommoir inspired us to write a blog chronicling our weekly forays around the Mile-End/Plateau/Outremont hub. We are not professional critics, but were raised in food-loving Euro-Canadian homes and do have educated palates. Our main criteria is a good price/quality ratio. Save yourself some disappointment and follow us before heading out, or read on for the love of good indulgences!

Nat and Grar


  1. That place is meant for hangovers, not food. I truly feel for you. If and when a cold spell lurks... go over and ask for a Jamaican spice rum with strawberry liquor, flamed and warmed up... That will warm you all fuzzy inside!

    As For the Blog... Congrats! I'm first on the list and your #1 fan already!!


    Dirty Uncle Marty