Sunday, December 26, 2010

Comptoir 21

When I found out a fish and chips place was opening in my hood I became overcome with joy and immediately imposed on my honey that this is were my birthday date would have to be. No arm twisting there, as months later that pledge was fulfilled, on December 14th, 2010.

Obviously, I ordered the fish and chips! A small portion was amply sufficient, with two hunks of haddock in a deep golden crust. With each bite through the crispy coating came a fat flake of perfectly cooked fish. The batter is seriously good, just solid enough and not too greasy and contrasts wonderfully with the silky, almost sweet, fish flesh.
We have a winner! There is a large selection of sauces and I found the curry one a perfect fit. G'rar chose the classic tartar sauce which was equally lovely. Sadly, I was disappointed with the fries. G'rar found them fine, as others have reported, but I found them chewy, pasty and tough. Good thing I had salad instead, which incidentally was quite decent and fresh. But a dish that should not be overlooked is the oh so excellent clam chowder: not at all gelatinous, generous with shredded clam meat, hints of the sea, and in a rich broth of diced potatoes, celery and white wine. Pure creamy, gritty and savory goodness! You can also buy it by the liter, and take out is very popular.

Topped with a pint of rousse (the house white is a good chardonay/sauvignon), this was one enjoyable birthday dinner, particularly since we snagged the only "intimate" spot in one corner of the loooooong comptoir. Thanks baby!

Until next time, Cheers!
Nat & G'rar.

Comptoir 21, 21 St-Viateur West,

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